What is Success?

What is Success?

You were created to do something awesome. You have unique and significant value to add. Something powerful stirs in your heart. If you can identify it and take action, I believe, other lives will be changed forever, and you can experience what we all desire: life at its fullest.


Like a catapult loaded with the life you always wanted, questions serve as a catalyst for change, direction and achieving everything we were created to achieve.


What does success look like for you?

Some have questioned whether “success” is something to be pursued. I think it beats “failure” every time. That being said, success is different for everyone. If Mother Teresa had hoped to become a business consultant, then she missed the mark. On the other hand, if her heart’s desire was to help the poor and sick, then she succeeded wildly.


What if I told you that God wants you to be successful? Success isn’t a bad word. Quite the opposite–  it’s everything you should pursue. So what does success look like for you?


You can be successful without losing your faith. And you can be faithful without losing your success. In fact, they serve as workout partners, pushing one another forward. Faith and success walk hand-in-hand everywhere.

Break down the question into areas of life. You can write your own, but here are some areas where I hope to be radically successful:


Family. What does success look like for you when it comes to your family?


“I want to be respected most by those who know me best.” – Mark Batterson


You may want to break this one down into more categories: Marriage, children, parents. These are crucial because family is foundational. You can succeed here and fail everywhere else and still be a success. Inversely, there is no amount of success that can make up for a failure here.


Vocation. What does success look like for you when it comes to earning a living?


Here is where the word success often gets overused and misused. If you don’t define what success looks like for you, then it will be like navigating without a GPS. You might know where you are and the direction you are heading, but if you want to go where you have never been, I recommend charting a course.


I also recommend allowing your family success to drive your vocational success. What kind of life do you want to live? Where do you want to live? How much time do you want to spend working, and what is it you desire to do?


Calling. What does success look like for you when it comes to your life purpose?


To navigate the chaotic intersection of life purpose, you must be driven. For some, their calling is done in a volunteer capacity. For others, it takes more time and intentional effort to create. Identifying ways you can uniquely express your passion and obsession to bring value to others is essential. Don’t wait until you are paid to do it. Start to identify your created purpose and get moving.


Your design points to your destiny. When your personality, gifted ability and passion all align, you will find more momentum for success than you can now imagine!


Friends. What does success look like for you when it comes to your social life?


Your social life needs to be more than likes and shares on social media; you need friends you can meet with, laugh with and do life with.


If you show me five of your closest friends, I can tell your future. Choose your future wisely by choosing what success looks like with your friends today.


Other.  What other areas of your life need to be developed? What other areas would you prioritize and envision for success?


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